Month: March 2007

He is Still There

Papa and Me 1961

Today is Papa’s day. He loved St. Patricks day.

The closing for the new house was yesterday- it would have been great if it was today, but it is Saturday so the lawyers office is of course closed.

However it still is obvious to Sue and I that Papa has been with us and helped us get the place.

All the problems, and delays led us to a closing just before his favorite holiday. The money that covers the bulk of the payment on the new house comes from the house he left us and I know he would have loved the garage – where the Pontiac he helped me get is now parked safe and sound.

It is an emotional time.

Thanks Papa.


eBay Shame

One of my favorite stories is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Back when it first came out in the 70’s it was the biggest inspiration in my life; and remains so today.

My father came accross and gave me a audio version of the book, abridged, read by the actor Richard Harris on a 8 Track tape. It is a great peice work that could only be better if it was un-abridged.

I still have the tape but no decent player to listen to it on.

One day on eBay I found a auction that offered this version on a newly released cd. I lost that auction but won a auction by someone else, using the user name “dejavouslove” offering the same version. The only problem is that his was a conterfiet copy.

Now, maybe I am naive, but I would think that if someone does something wrong, is called on it, but given the opportunity to have the matter forgotten if they kust made a full refund, that they would be happy to take the offer. Hell, as a thanks for leaving me a positive feedback, I even offered to pay return shipping.

Nope. The seller who’s name is Donald Thomas and lives in Kansas, dug in with both feet and refused to return all monies including shipping and handling. Now I know that under normal circumstances S&H are not refunded – which is part of his arguement – but when you are doing something downright ILLEGAL you might consider that you’re getting off lightly by just sending back the cash.

I had offered not to leave a negitve feedback if he met my conditions, I got no response, so after 2-3 weeks I left the negitive FB citing the reasons why. In return he of course called me a liar. I guess some folks have no sense of shame.

Which brings me to eBay. I have to state from the start that the representives I have conversed with have all been prompt and polite; my issue is not with them but the policies they have to conform to.

eBay has a buyer protection program, in this auction it was $200. The monies involved in this case was just under $35. But hold on – not only wont eBay return the S&H either – but THEY HAVE A $25 PROCESSING FEE. Yup, instead of hitting the lowlife selling conterfiet goods with this fee they zap the victim. Which would mean that after all was said and done I would, hopefully, get just about $5 back. What happens to the poor souls who get ripped off but paid less than the ‘processing fee’? Ssssssssssorry, you be S.O.L

My Feedback to eBay: NEGATIVE