Month: January 2009

Christmas 2008

so many stockings we ran out of stairs

Twas the night before Christmas and all about
The Karen’ies were celebrating in our little house

Law Law and Ta Blue,
Eh Law Soe and Hser Tha Blay,
Christine and Sugar Moon. even Moo Gay,
celebrating their first Christmas in the USA

Their stockings were hung on the staircase with care
stuffed with candy canes, toy Rein Deer and iPod Accessories.
Flash Lights, Lip Balm, chocolates and trinkets galore.
But the best gift of all came not from a store.

As we sat down for dinner we took a moment to pray
thanking the Lord above for the love of our new found friends
from half a world away.

What a Blessing, what a treat
Our lives were forever changed that day we stopped to say Hello
to our new neighbors across the street.

This was our neighbors first Christmas in America and it was our pleasure to share it with them.

Sue spoke with the folks at Toys For Tots and they made a special effort to see to it Hser Tha Blay (aka Seth) and Eh Law Soe had presents.

We gave them these presents a day or so before Christmas… which was easier than trying to wrap or hide them all…

gifts from Toys for Tots

You can see they were quite happy with them…

Seth and Sue

Eh Law Soe and her booty!

On Christmas Eve we had Law Law and his family over again.

Seth mugs for the camera

Sugar Moon & , her sister, Christina, came over

Sugar Moon, her sister Christina & Sumalee

as well as their cousin Benny


And Ta Blue’s brother Moo Gay stopped over – a man not afraid to challenge fashion trends.

Moo Gay - Man of Fashion

It was a great night of friendship, dinner and laughter.

Seth and his dad Law Law

Dinner with our friends

Afterward Eh Law Soe went right for the presents under the tree, pointing out each and every one she thought was hers…

Eh Lae Soe taking inventory of all the gifts she thinks are hers

But first we opened the stockings.

Eh Law Soe

Ta Blue

Christina and her cousin Benny


Both Eh Law Soe and Seth loved the stuffed animals they found in theirs…

Eh Law Soe


And then it was time for the presents!


It was a joyous site to behold; never had they experienced such a thing and it warmed our hearts to be able to be there with them.

December 25 was not only Christmas, but it was Ta Blue’s birthday as well (amazingly Law Law’s birthday is on January 1st).

So after most of the wrapping paper was picked up we went to the kitchen for some cake and cookies.

The birthday girl and her cake

Here Ta Blue is offering some to our eldest boy Keith

Keith gets a piece of cake from Ta Blue

Christmas has long been a difficult time of year for me; too many unpleasant memories, but this year was special, I could not help but be carried away by the fun and excitement our friends were having.

Often we have expectations about the holiday; we have gift wish lists and all that, these folks had no idea what to expect. The smiles on their faces were worth more to us than any material gift and I find myself looking forward al ready to the next Christmas we can spend together.

We have some additional photos here, please feel free to enjoy them as well.

K & S