Month: June 2010

A Subtle Reminder

There is a scene in the movie Avatar where Jake is set upon by Seeds from the Sacred Tree Of Souls. The purpose apparently to get Neytir to chill out & let her know that he is okay.

Seeing him overwhelmingly covered by the spirits she relaxes and at least accepts him enough to bring him back to the Na’vi’s home in the forest.

I found the whole premise in the movie of the people being part of the planet very touching, emotional even, and close to my own way of thinking about us and our planet.

The other day I brought Sue’s new van in for its first inspection. The usual guy who does the inspections, and whom I slightly knew, was not there and this bothered me. The RMV has been working on removing the old green and white license plates from the road. When these plates were issued you only needed to have one plate on your car which allowed you to then put some other type of plate or ornament on your front bumper; Sue’s car had a Disney Animal Kingdom plate that we picked up a few years back when the resort first opened.

The state now wants cars to have 2 license plates on them; one in the front and back; my concern with this unknown person inspecting the van was that perhaps he would fail the car because the RMV has been pushing inspectors to help get rid of the old license plates. In the great scheme of things, its just a license plate, but we like having just the one plate; to be able to personalize our vehicles.

As I said, it really was bothering me. And thinking about it made it difficult for me to focus on a movie I was watching on my A2 PMP. As much as I chided myself for being so obsessed over a stupid license plate my mind just wouldn’t let it go.

At some point, looking up from the movie I saw a large puffy seed pod slowly drift from left to right across the windshield. I did not focus on it too much; it is spring and they are not uncommon, rather I just went back to trying to watch the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and stop thinking about the plate. My attention though was diverted again when, through my peripheral vision, I again saw the seed pod, this time floating down from the open moon roof and slowly settling on the back of my right hand.

I smiled at this; immediately recalling the scene from Avatar, and convinced myself to chill out over the plate.

The inspection went flawlessly; the plate never became a issue, and I went home with another reminder from the Universe that we are never alone.