Month: November 2011

Android, Whitley, Whole Foods &WordPress…..

Another weekend another night shopping at the Whole Foods in Hadley.

Sue has temporarily put aside her Nook as she plays with her new iPod Touch. She wanted something smaller than the Nook for carrying around, like I do with this toy of mine, and decided that instead of getting another Droid device to instead get a iOS device; the iPad is of course too big, so the Touch it was. Right now she is using it as a shopping list having used Dragon Speak to verbally add items.

I am of course following her down the isles tapping Away on my little tablet while listening to some Kieth Whitley tunes through a audio app I discovered. I think that I might even make it my default player; it has a very nice equalizer included with it that the stock one lacks.

The next thing I have to find is a app for organizing folders. I really do not like how I am stuck with whatever order the icons are at; I want to place them in the order that I want! I did find a couple that made folders with pretty icons, but they have the same arraingment issues that the stock version has. Oh well the hunt is on!

That remains one of the fascinating things for me with this new OS, there are so many new and interesting things too explore. It reminds of when I got my first PC; the Packard Bell I got from Walmart with a blistering fast 66mhz processor, huge 250 MB hard drive and a staggering 4mb of RAM; it cost me $148 to buy another 4mb similar and bring me up to a humongous 8mb.

Right now I am in a slightly. Similar situation; this toy is no slouch but it won’t break any records powers wise, for that I would want to get one of the latest and greatest Phones, which I won’t be doing right now ’cause I really don’t need to deal with the costs of a data plan.

Oh well; we’re at the register so I guess that I had better get bagging.


The “Thumb Keyboard” rocks

Who would that you could have such fun buying apps?

I have down loaded a bunch of games, meh, some are fun, and a bunch of other apps that are entertaining, none though are as fun as this new keyboard; it makes the little tablet I have so much easier to write with.

My fingers don’t have to reach so much to get the right key; I actually find my thumbs flying accross the keyboard with much less mistakes. If you have a tablet – big or small – get yourself the thumb keyboard.

A Fun Toy

So I am sitting in the Melha building and I get the notion to write something to possibly post on this blog – BAM! I whip ouy my trusty little tablet; aka Wall-E, and I am off with fingers flying. Message composed, I store it for later till I find a wifi hot spot.

I may have paid a good penny for this thing but I do not regret it one bit.

Ooooooooo…. Gluten Free App!

Now that I have my new ‘droid’ I am tearing through the Marketplace looking for any and all Apps that I can find that might be interesting to me. So, yeah, I have a bunch of Apps for news, podcasts, photo editors, wifi tweakers, battery gauges, GPS, weather, Netflix, e-readers, and even a bunch of games. The latter being the more intriguing to me ’cause I aint never been much of a gamer; but I have found a couple that rouse my interest.

The App that I am really happy to have found though is called Find Me Gluten Free. It has an extensive listing of locations that reportedly offer GF dining; some of which will also have reviews from people who have (hopefully) dined there themselves; I have been adding reviews myself for places I have frequented.

I have been using the Android version, which is HERE

And I see that there is a iOS version as well, which you can locate HERE

I would encourage anyone one who does download these apps to go through them and review anyplace you have visited, there is a place for suggesting places as well in case you find a hidden gem missing from their database. You know yourselves the anxiety that comes with going to someplace new, so lets do what we can to take the guess work out of quest of other folks dealing with it as well.

And the winner is…………

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0!!!

So I decided on the SGP 5 in part because of its feature; it is listed as a PMP, so it will act as a replacement for my beloved A2, but also because I really like the size of the device. It is small enough to drop in a pocket but large enough to create messages without straining. Typing isnt that bad either; in fact I am using it right now to compose this message.

As expectEd, it will take a little time to get used to the new operating system, but I am doing okay. A real challenge though is avoiding accidental touches of the keyboard & adding oddball letters. I may look into one of the specialty keyboadd apps though.

Well that will do it for my inaugural post.