Month: September 2012

Quality Time

About 6 or seven years ago the boys, knowing that I have a fondness for time pieces, gave me a watch for Christmas. Considering how hard I am on my ‘everyday’ watches the Casio G-Shock they gave me was an excellent choice and it remains one of my favorite watches; for more than sentimental reasons.

Where most all of my previous day to day watches would be seriously beat up within a year this thing takes the bumps and bangs in stride, daring for more. It also has a couple of neat features including being solar powered; so I never worry about winding it or having to replace a battery, and it is also self adjusting; it has a radio receiver that picks up a signal at night from Fort Collins in Colorado, and automatically sets itself to the right time. It is that second feature that brings me to write this post.

Sue and I recently took a trip to the west coast, staying for a little over a week. I expected the Casio to take a day or so to re-set itself (I could probably do it, but why bother?), I was not concerned though about going a day without a watch; my phone has a clock as well as my little android tablet. But it was while looking at one of my older watches, one I got from my father, that a nudging thought in the back of my mind suggested that I bring it with me as well, so I did.

Much to my surprise the Casio did not adjust for the time difference the first night, or the second, third or any of the nights we were there, so I ended up wearing the second watch the entire trip. Bravo for little nudging thoughts.

I found the whole situation to be rather ironic; here my modern marvel of a time piece, that probably has more computing power than NASA had when they put a man on the moon, is showed up by one that is 67 years old.

It just goes to show that quality never goes out of style, nor necessity, and that vintage does not mean obsolete.