Month: December 2012

Operation Lemondrop

Operation Lemondrop is the name I have given our quest to bring a special needs girl from china to our home; “Lemondrop” being s a nickname for her that came to my mind a week or two back.

We have decided to go with Madison, which is located in Delaware, as the adoption agency; with Full Circle helping out with the local details.

Lemondrops’ room is nearing completion; the walls are painted, the closet set up with a child height pole and a couple shelves added for extra storage. The only thing really remaining is the window and door trim which needs to be painted and hung. And then we can work on adding furniture, maybe a couple of wall decorations, and a area rug as well. I am hoping that this will be the week I finally get the new snap click flooring in the pantry/laundry room; then we can move the cabinet from Lemondrops room down into there and bring the dresser from our room into hers.

Keith and I went to Full Circle yesterday morning to sign in front of their notary the paperwork authorizing the CORI check for him. Next phase I think is for the three of us to be fingerprinted and have a FBI check.

Little by little we are getting there.