Month: July 2013

For the Love of Lemondrop.

The past number of weeks have been trying, to say the least.

Just days from the completion of the approved homestudy one of our family members got into a minor altercation the result of which left the local agency to claim that they had no choice other then to issue instead a rejection; everything has come to a complete stop and we will not be able to try again for another 6 months, maybe even a year. In the mean time there are now some new issues we need to contend with, things the family member will need to work through and things we will work through together with them; coming out I am sure stronger because of it.

Even if this had happened after the homestudy had been finalized it would have still have had the same impact, but the timing really stinks. Here we were busting with excitement, rustling up all the stuff for the I-800 & sending things to the Chinese consulate, eager to get everything itemized, notarized and qualified – only to have everything suddenly come to a screeching halt; leaving us a bit bewildered & with our heads spinning.

Poor Sue; she finds herself going back and forth between hopefulness and dread. Me, I am not wavering in the slightest; this is going to happen, there is just no other option. I do not know when it will happen or how long the issues at hand will take to be resolved, just that it will.

There are two lessons I have learned in life that come to mind here: that it is futile to try and second guess God, and never, ever, ever, accept ‘impossible’ for an answer.

The opinions of the people I feel are most relevant in our quest have not in any way led us to believe that our journey is over and I am holding firmly to that assurance. I’m thinking of this whole episode as a test run; now that we know what it is all about, we got this; we’re going for the Gold.

Each year since we moved into this home I have put up Christmas lights; adding a little more each time. Two, maybe three, years ago I hung a set on the trellis I had built for our morning glories to climb in the summer; it stands by the corner of the house alongside the driveway, 8 feet high and 4 feet wide. I created this special set of lights for Sue as a reminder, for her to see every evening when she came home from a hard day, that she is Loved. After Christmas each set would be shut down, one a week until the last one left was the set on the trellis and it would remain on till after Valentines day. This year though we decided that we would leave this one on even after the holiday, that instead it would now be a reminder for Lemondrop as well, and that it would stay up till we brought her home,

The recent turnaround of events  has only affirmed our resolve that it stays there for her; as a sort of lighthouse; a beacon illuminating the the way, one we hope that she will be able to see every night in her dreams and assure her that not only is she Loved………..

but that we also refuse to give up on her; no matter what, we are going to bring her home……..