Month: July 2014

Just a quick update…

So, the home study is complete, the I800a has been sent out and Sue is vigorously working on the dossier. At this very moment in fact she is compiling the photos we need to send in with the dossier; not content to just grab a bunch of photos she has signed up with Smilebox for the month and is creating various artistic collages showing our home & family.

Never let it be said that she does anything half-fast.



Dollar Rent a Car Sucks

Dollar Rent Car Sucks & I am wondering if I am now persona non grata with them.

Some weeks back we used them for a rental on a quick trip down to Florida. Anyone who knows us is aware that trips to the Mouse house are not an uncommon thing; we’re seasoned travelers in them parts and go prepared for the myriad of tolls we will face on our chosen path: in fact we have a ziploc bag with quarters, nickels and dimes just for those occasions.

This past trip was no exception and every time we approached a toll Sue fished through the bag for the correct change. Now it is important to note that on this trip we went a little different route and that we handed the cash to a human at each toll; there was no dropping the change in the basket like we often did on the other route so, if by chance we had neglected to give them the correct amount they would have caught it then and there.

A few weeks back I got a letter in the mail from Dollar stating that they would be billing our credit card for the sum of $15.77; claiming that we had not paid a toll at some point during our trip.

The sum of $15.77 was explained as such:
$15 was their service charge for paying the toll for us
$00.77 was for the cost of the toll we are accused of not paying..

I ask you where are you going to find the cost of a toll in this day and age, on a main highway in Florida, that ends with 2 cents???

I went online to the Dollar site and filed a protest of the charge but have not heard back from them. Today I went online to the American Express card site to check recent charges and sure enough Dollar had charged our card.  I just got off the phone with American Express’s customer service and they credited the sum without a fuss so we’re fine there.

I am curious if this is some scam on Dollar’s part to pad the bill and if other people have had similar happen to them. I also now wonder if we try and book a car with them in the future (not likely) if they will try and pull something; like take the online reservation then, when we reach wherever we traveled to, decline to honor it and/or offer to rent a car, at a higher rate of course, out of the kindness of their heart ‘so we are not left without a car’.

Screw ’em. 

Dollar Rental Car sucks.