Month: February 2015


We are just about one week away from our trip to China and bringing Lemondrop into our family.

We expect there to be problems; crying, temper tantrums, acts of rebellion…and that will just be me; no telling how she will react. 😉

But we hope that, by enveloping her in the love & attention she obviously craves in the videos we have of her, the transition will be something she will welcome.

Time will tell.


Momsy comes around

One of the hardest things about the adoption process is finding out that, much to your surprise, you don’t have the blessing of all family members.

When we decided to adopt a little girl with special needs from China we were excited to share the news with Susan’s mom. The fact that she was so vehemently opposed to the idea shocked us so much that since that time we have taken precautions to not bring up the subject again and asked other family members to refrain from doing so as well.

Now, two years later & with our trip only a week and a half away, we decided that it was time to sit down with her and gently let her know what was going on.

As I suspected; she thought that we had dropped the whole idea, and she was none too pleased when we brought it up again.

However, after talking to her about why this was important to us; explaining how we knew that this was God’s plan for us & showing her the photos & videos we have of Lemondrop…..

2-21-15 Momsy comes around 1_zpsgagmxrzm

She began to soften to the idea. And, when reminded that her husband, Sues’ dad, had also been an orphan, the wall of resistance came down.

2-21-15 Momsy comes around_zpsfes9xle2

Momsy now not only accepts it as inevitable but is even looking forward to it. When she and Sue spoke on the phone today Momsy offered to pay for a stroller, car seat, or what ever else we may need.

After two long years of keeping this secret; afraid of upsetting her yet determined to follow through with the adoption; I can not put into words just how much of a burden has just left our shoulders.

There is much to be grateful for.

UPDATE: May 12, 2015, it is almost 2 months since we’ve been home and Momsy absolutely adores Lemondrop.

We’re coming down to the wire…

After long last we now know when we will be bringing Lemondrop home. This evening we received a email from the American Consulate in Guangzhou China confirming our appointment for March 16th; we’ll be flying over to China on March 5th.

Incidentally, we have felt my fathers presence all along during this effort; the money from selling the house he left me and the equity it created when we bought this one has funded the adoption thus far. As I wrote a long while back, We closed on this house on the day before St. Patrick’s day, his favorite holiday, and we will be finalizing the adoption paperwork at the consulate on the day before St Patrick’s day as well.

Life is Good.

I LOVE being a Shriner

Love to the rescue

Of all the things I love about being part of Shriners, meeting wonderful people and watching patients who had lived hopeless lives flourish are right up there at the top.


Ming, seated, is a boy of 15 from Hunan China who suffered devastating burns when he was 9 years old resulting in the loss of both legs just below the hip and 9 of his 10 fingers. ‘Jerry’ lives in Beijing and works for a organization that when learning of Ming’s injuries tracked his location down in an effort to get him the help he needed. When they found Ming the boy had become a recluse trapped inside his home; unable to go to school, neither talking to or trusting anyone.

Through no small effort Jerry has been able to secure the visa’s to bring Ming to the Shriners hospital here in Springfield three times now where he has had a number of surgeries, been fitted with new legs and taught to walk again. I was at the hospital the day he took his first steps on his new legs and it put a lump in my throat I still have a hard time swallowing.


Jerry & Ming will be going home on Friday so I went to the hospital today to wish them a safe trip home. They should be back in the fall for a follow up so I will get to see them again. When Jerry learned that Sue and I were adopting a little girl from his country he set us up with ex-countrymen of his who have a church not far from us and who have welcomed us with open arms. He also gave me his email address in China so I can contact him when we are there.


Shriners never asks the family to cover the costs of their care; Ming is once again a boy with a future; the smile on his face, the determination to walk again without crutches and his eagerness to face the world head on more than covers it.

Really, is there anything better than that?

If you have a child or know of one with a special need that Shriners can help with please get in contact as soon as possible. You can find the nearest location and type of treatments available here:

Also don’t be discouraged if there isn’t a location close by you; Shriners may be able to help with transportation as well.