Month: May 2015

Lemondrop visits the City on a Hill Church.

This week we have been on a road trip visiting family & friends who have been eager to meet Lemondrop.

One stop was to my sisters house in VA and on one Sunday we had the pleasure of joining them at their church. Lemondrop loves to sing and dance and the music was her favorite part; as you can see from this short clip:

A big THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks at City on a Hill Church for their prayers and support during our long journey to bring Lemondrop home!

Have a MAGICAL Day!


Strawberry Picking!!!!!

Today Lemondrop got to experience strawberry picking for the first time. We are visiting Tante Sharon and her family down in VA and they brought us over to Miller Farm where the pickings were ripe & sweet.

Momma instructs her in the fine art of picking

As you would expect she mastered it immediately.

These are awesome; I gotta show them to Tante Sharon!

Follow me; there’s more over here!

It was a fun family adventure

Lemondrop gave the strawberries a ‘Thumbs Up’!

Have a Magical Day!

Outdoor Fun

Yesterday Lemondrop helped momma wash her car and had a dip in her pool…

Somehow I envisioned life being more glamorous…

WHAT?? Baba’s truck too?

Oh well, I guess I had better get started…

Well, a hard workout like that calls for a dip in the pool!

Oooooooo! That’s a cool breeze!

Have a Magical Day!

Tea Time with Princess Lemondrop

Today I had the privileged of being invited to have a cup of tea with none other than Princess Lemondrop; quite the honor don’t you know. She looked just smashing in her flowery top & the Tinkerbell slippers really complemented her exquisite ensemble.

She took meticulous care to make sure everything was presentable;

not a dishwasher spot could be found when she was done.

Ever the innovator she demonstrated how the lids from the teapot and sugar bowl could be placed on the cups themselves and double as dessert dishes!

And although she generally frowns upon such things, she graciously allowed me to take a selfie! Truly her charity knows no bounds.

Have a Magical Day!!

Shoes: The Quest Continues

We moseyed on over to the mall to see if we could rustle up some diapers when who did we happen to see but the cutest little cowgirl east of the Pecos.

She was just a wandering the isles checking the fit of a pair of boots and maybe see if she could find some sparkly new spurs to go along with them.

When she was finished she graciously invited us to join her while she continued shopping – so long as we didn’t slow her down or cramp her style. We of course jumped at the opportunity and obediently followed along.

It isn’t often you get to observe the professional shoe shopper at work.

Hmmmmm…. nice..

Not bad; not really the shade of blue I’m looking for though.

Well, nothing here I want; let’s move on!

Oh….whats that….?

Will you look at those heels!

I’ve just gotta try them!

Darn; right color but wrong size.

Hmmmm… anything in here that I want?

Nope. Okay, I’m done, lets get something to eat; I’m starving!

Hold the elevator!!

Have a Magical Day!

To The Unknown Mother – A Prayer and a Promise.

A special prayer for peace of mind to that mother who had to make the heartbreaking choice to give up her child in the hope that it would get the medical care needed to live a long full life.

I promise you this: my wife and I will do all humanly possible to care for this little girl & raise her as our own flesh and blood.

And if ever there comes the day when we can meet you we will welcome you with open arms.

It is our hope that one day you will see her again, hold her in your arms, and share our pride as she grows into the lovely young woman we already see blossoming within her.

God be with you.