Month: June 2015

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Have a Magical Day!


The Many Flavors of Lemondrop

Call me biased if you wish but I believe our Lemondrop is one remarkable young lady; certainly photogenic.

I was looking at some recent images taken over the last couple weeks and I just couldn’t help but smile; the girl just oozes personality. Here is a small selection of what I am talking about:

These first two for example, taken just a day or two apart; in one she is just an angelic child patiently waiting for the waitress to return with her meal….

In the next she’s a rock star getting her frappuccino fix in Starbucks……

From Princess….

To Diva…

From Fortune 500 CEO….

To the little rebel.

(“I got your ‘Bedtime’ right here Mom!”)

She is a delight to follow around with a camera no matter if she is the perfectly coiffed little girl on the street

The relaxed ‘aww shucks’ girl hanging around the house

Or having a bad hair day

This week marked the third month anniversary of┬áLemondrop being placed in our arms. No matter what side of her personality shines through at a particular moment one thing is still the same: she is a happy little girl who now has a Momma & Baba to call her very own….

And two big brothers who adore her….

Have a Magical Day !