Month: July 2015

Picking Basil For Her Momma

Today Lemondrop and I made our weekly trip to the farm we own a share in to get our bounty of veggies. After we had claimed our organic booty from the bins of squash, beets, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, kale and bok choy, to name a few, we made our way to one of the greenhouses to pick basil; some to dry and the rest to make pesto.

Having spent her first two years in a facility primarily consisting of hard solid surfaces Lemondrop isnt too keen on the soft vegetation kind of ground we have in abundance around here. She is better now than when she first came home, she’ll walk on the lawn at the house, but you’re really pushing it if you expect anything more than that.
Consequently she wont stray far from the main building at the farm before she is insisting on being picked up and carried the rest of the way. Our sturdy little girl gets heavy quick so I bring a wagon with me to haul our goods, and her, around. She is quite content with the arraignment.
When we got to the greenhouse I asked if she wanted to get out of the wagon and join me. A little shake of the head told me definitively ‘no’.
However when I told her that we were there to pick some basil for Momma she was quick to reconsider and lifted her arms for me to assist her out.
She gingerly made her way into the greenhouse and, following my lead, started plucking leaves and putting them into the bag that I brought for her.
After I had pretty much filled my bag I was ready to leave but this was a girl on a mission for her Momma and she kept plucking away…..

NOTE: although there were birds to be heard while we were there, the limits of my cellphone made them hard to hear so most of what you hear I added afterwards for atmosphere.

Have a Magical Day!


She makes me look good

This is Lemondrops favorite way to travel when we go for a walk. I have taken more ‘selfies’ in the 4 months she has been with us then I have in my entire life; cause she is just so darn cute and, I think, she sure makes me look good.

Have a Magical Day!

Little Girl Loves Her Bible Stories

I believe that I mentioned before that we don’t watch much television; any ‘programs’ Lemondrop does watch are pretty much archived on youtube. She likes Mr. Rogers but is utterly fascinated with the Beginners Bible Series.

She has seen them all a dozen times, at least, yet will stop everything and watch them, transfixed, even singing along in her baby english during the songs.

This can be beneficial. For instance, we were at a restaurant the other day, she is great when we go out but after a while, like any 2 year old, she is going to get antsy. What I have done is put the Beginners Bible videos on one of my mobile devices for her to watch when it is just that time. Here you can see for yourself just how engrossed she gets….


Have a Magical Day!

Grandma’s Little Helper

Lemondrop got to visit her grandma this past weekend; they discussed literature & even worked out together in the garden…

Grandma had some cucumbers and tomatoes she needed to harvest

“There’s gotta be some child labor law being violated here; I’m a Princess for pete’s sake!”

“You missed a spot”

“Well, a workout like that calls for a snack!”

“yum, yum…. this stuff is good….”

“Ahhhh…. that hit the spot”


“How embarrassing; you’re not going to share these, right Baba? Right?…Baba?

Have a Magical Day!

Lemondrop’s first visit to Look Park

Today was a warm one with the temp just above 90 degrees and high humidity. We ventured out to Look Park in Florence MA where Sue had discovered that they had a splash park for children to play in. It isn’t a huge area but certainly large enough and there are a number of water features that keep the little ones happy. It is something I can see us doing again at least a couple more times before the season ends.

One thing I was not too keen on though was the slippery surface; often times you find in these areas a rubbery surface that gives it, if not more traction, a softer area to land on if you fall. Here though it is just concrete covered in a blue paint & I think the paint only makes it worse; we saw a number of kids slip and fall, including Lemondrop when she wasn’t wearing shoes, fortunately no one got seriously hurt. If you do decide to venture out there I strongly encourage you to put some type of water shoe on your little ones to give their little feet a better grip.

Anyway what follows are some photos from today’s adventure; I will keep the narration down to a minimum this time; I think the images speak well on their own on how successful a day it was.

Lemondrop arrived in her new ride & sporting the latest style’s…

She was a little hesitant at first, and just watched all the other kids run around……..

But her momma walked her around a bit showing her that everything was safe and eventually she felt comfortable enough to leave our side and make her way around.

It wasn’t too long after that when she decided that she wanted to get in a little more on the fun.

When the hat came off is when the real excitement began.

Wherever the water was coming up was where she wanted to be.

And here is where Lemondrop showed us once again just what a special little lady she is. Seeing her Baba sitting off to the side in the heat tirelessly snapping away with his camera, she collected some water in her little hand….

brought it over….

And wiped down my leg…….

She did this a few times and to her momma too.

Alas, all good things come to a end. We knew a storm was coming later in the day and we wanted to get some lunch before we headed home. Sue scooped up a reluctant Lemondrop to dry her off and change her clothes.

We made our way to a little building right near the splash park to get some lunch; the girls were able to get a kiddie hamburger, chicken tenders and some fries.

As expected, my options were limited and this is what I ended up with:

No matter though; my heart was full with this smile and that is all that really mattered…….


Have a Magical Day! (we did!)

Pool Fun!

A weekend or so back we traveled down to CT to visit Grandma; we brought along Lemondrop’s pool & she was in full Diva Mode…

If ya got it, flaunt it……

‘You! Yeah you, paparazzi, do something useful; that pool isn’t gonna fill itself.’

‘Hey, Cabana Boy! My sippy cup is empty!

You want anything Grandma? Just put it on my tab.’

(Of course Grandma got put to work too; Lemondrop still isn’t too keen on grass…)

Minion, remove this offending piece of foliage!

This went on every time she walked back from the pool with her wet feet; talk about the Princess & the Pea.


Have a Magical Day!

Just Cruisin’

After such an oppressively humid day the late afternoon/early evening cooled off nicely so Lemondrop took the opportunity to go out for a drive…

Have wheels, will travel!

Dale Earnhart Jr. aint nothing but a rookie compared to me; I’m unstoppable!

Uh-oh.. here comes mom calling bed time; I’d better make a break for it !

Vrooom! Vrooom!


Have a Magical Day!