Month: February 2016

Feb 29, 2016 – Rare Disease Day

Celebrating Rare Disease day with our little Princess Lemondrop.

This evening she and my wife were reading a children’s book of bible stories; a favorite story of hers is the one about the Good Samaritan, in the book a man with a hurt leg is helped by a stranger. Lemondrop pointed out to her mom that she too has a boo boo leg and that her Momma & Baba came to help her. And then she proceeded to say “thank you mama baba”.This little girl constantly amazes me.

Lemondrop checking the vitals of her Baba and Queen Elsa.

Have a Magical Day!


Going With a New Style

In the time Lemondrop has been with us her hair has grown quite a bit; she did come home with a full head of hair, but she has been home 11 months now & its length makes it a bit raggedy and a bit of work to manage so time for trim and even a new look.

It is not uncommon to see images of children adopted from China coming home nearly or totally bald. I think in those cases the orphanage may have a battle with lice and by keeping the children’s hair to a minimum it is easier to fight. Bao’an, where Lemondrop lived, is we are told one of the nicest orphanages in China and so perhaps it isn’t as much an issue for them.

Her long hair is really beautiful but it does require some extra time & effort keeping it organized during the day. So we decided this weekend when Sue went in for her haircut to have Lemondrops done as well. Until now we have just let it all grow long with a trim once for neatness; this time we were going to something shorter and with bangs; if nothing else it would keep the hair out of her eyes which is a constant battle when her hair isn’t tied up.


Sue and I thought it was a great idea……Lemondrop did not. I mean…she really really hated it. Fortunately Sue had an emergency lollipop on hand and it calmed Lemondrop down but even showing her a picture afterwards of her new haircut evoked a flood of protest. The finished product isn’t exactly what we were aiming for; they’re a little crooked and higher on her forehead than we wanted; but then she really didn’t make it easy for the lady at all.

Which is really unlike her; oh she may be hesitant at time, and she has a stubborn streak a mile wide, but she generally goes with the flow and doesn’t put up a huge fuss. All we can figure is perhaps it reminded her of where she came from, we don’t know, maybe it was like with the Halloween costume we had planned to dress her in but which she absolutely refused to do; later we figured out it was because it reminded her of the orphanage; the first photo we got of her she was wearing a nearly identical dress; this little girl has a very impressive memory.

After we left the hairstylist she calmed down a bit – unless you showed her a picture of her new look. It was getting late so we stopped off to get some dinner. She was a little somber at first but eventually she perked up and the happy little girl was with us again.


After dinner we continued on over to Whole Foods Market for our weekly shopping but decided to make a slight detour first. Momma knows the importance of shopping to a lady and that, after the the emotional experience we had all been through, the girls needed a little therapy.


And the next day she woke up back to her usual happy self; ready for another lazy Sunday.


The Princess is back!


Have a Magical Day!

Little Bits of Lemondrop – 2/18/16

A small collection of photos from the last couple days…..

The other morning Lemondrop woke up earlier than usual; she usually doesn’t get up until after her mom has left, but there she was all bright eyed and ready for the day so I brought her downstairs to wait on the couch wile I helped her mom get ready….


Later in the day we went out to do some shopping and walk around in Northampton; by ‘walking’ I mean of course that I did the walking and she got a ride; her favorite way to travel…


When her mom came home from work we ate a quick dinner and then went to the newly re-opened library in town; it had just completed a total expansion and refurbishment. While checking out the kids area Lemondrop quickly made new friends…


She and the girls ran around a lot and Lemondrop came home hungry and tired so mom made her a quick snack of peanut butter on crackers before bed….


The next day after Sue came home we went to the mall for some things and to let Lemondrop get some more exercise.


While we were in Hobby Lobby for some fabric she discovered this bell and knew she needed one for home…


The following morning after breakfast she decided it was time to exercise her creative muscles and so I pulled out some of her coloring supplies…


It wasn’t long after she finished coloring that she noticed how the caps that are designed to snap into the bottom of the marker could fit into other markers as well….


After she finished Princess Lemondrop and I went for a little walk around before lunch and nap time.



Have a MAGICAL day!

Valentines Day Fun, 2016

Over the last few weeks Sue has created a new weekend tradition where we; Sue, Lemondrop, Keith, Tim; sometimes Shirley & Jaden, along with myself, get together, have dinner and do some activity; like coloring in some coloring books.

This weekend Sue brought home some cookies to decorate from Whole Foods Market and so she, along with Lemondrop, Keith & Tim, spent a little time doing that and then we all had some dessert afterwards.


For dessert Sue got some raspberry mousse and chocolate covered strawberries.


Surprisingly Lemondrop only ate a little of the chocolate from the strawberries; usually one of her favorite fruits, and didn’t want any of the mousse. So I got her some ice cream from the freezer; peanut butter with chocolate chips; two other favorites, and she never turns down ice cream, but she said she didn’t want that either. Well, that was until Keith took the bowl and started eating eat it….



And here are the proud kids with their creations.


Valentines day 2016

Have a MAGICAL Day!!

Lemondrop – KT follow up 02-10-2016

Princess Lemondrop had a followup appointment this week with Dr. Eberlin at the Boston Shriners hospital & everything is going well. The compression garment, aka her Power Ranger suit, appears to be doing a good job of keeping the swelling of her leg in check.

She has grown so much since we brought her home that she needed to be measured for a new Power Ranger suit while we were there; this will be her 3rd set in less than a year!