Month: March 2016

Lemondrop: My Little Irish Lass

Today is Saint Patrick’s day; like I have said a number of times before, it was my fathers favorite holiday. Lemondrop would have adored my father, her Opa, and, I am sure, he would have adored her just as much; with all my heart I know she would have been the Jewel of his eye.

Being Saint Patrick’s day she of course had to wear at least a splash of green and, as icing on the cake, she also wore a lovely set of hair bows her momma made for her.


Which she of course wore splendidly.


Lemondrop and I had a short errand to run today, afterwards we stopped off at a small park on the way home; Heritage park as it turned out. I had to smile; on St Patrick’s day, a day when I remember my Father & his family’s heritage.

Shy at first she was still eager to explore then run around and join in the fun with the other children who showed up there.

Lemondrop loves vehicles, cars and trucks, so it was no surprise that the last thing she played on before we had to go home was the mock-up of a fire truck; I had to smile there too; her Opa was a truck mechanic.


And it was under that truck that we made a little discovery………


A plastic jewel…fittingly…green.

Have a Magical Day!!