Month: April 2016

Lemondrop – Cutting of the Bangs: Take Two

Back at the end of February I shared a post about Lemondrop getting a new haircut and told how the new style, with bangs, hadn’t gone over that well. Today, I’m happy to report, things went much better.

You may recall from that post (which you can read HERE) I mentioned that she was less than enthusiastic about getting her bangs cut.  That was actually a masterpiece of a understatement. What she had in fact was a melt down of epic proportions, one that took us all by surprise; one that left me thinking “OMG what have I done to my little girl; in 20 years some psychoanalyst is going to point their fingers at me and this incident as the trigger for a lifelong debilitating PTSD”.  She put up such a fuss the poor lady cutting her bangs couldn’t get them trimmed quite right; they ended up being both a little ragged and shorter than intended. Whatever;  it was good enough; we just wanted to wrap it up as quick as possible and let Lemondrop calm down.

It took her a couple days but not only did she get over her new haircut she even accepted it with some joy; her quick little mind realized something: Anna, from her favorite move “Frozen”, has bangs too….

Not taking any chances of shocking her again we have been telling her the last week or so about today’s upcoming return visit to Mrs. Diane at the salon to get her hair, specifically her bangs, trimmed again. She didn’t seem to care less; time would tell.

After a nice breakfast of pancakes her mom did her hair up nicely, note her ‘Elsa crown’; she wears it most days. Then, while her momma was getting herself ready,  Lemondrop took the time to compose a royal decree or two…



Then we headed over to see Mrs. Diane whom Sue has been going to for some years now. After the last visit Sue had made the appointment for both Lemondrop & her to get their hair done today, the timing for which worked nice because Monday Sue starts her new job.


During a period where Sue’s hair had to sit a little Lemondrop popped into the chair for her turn.


There were no tears this time; she took it all in stride and was as patient as you could expect any 3 year old to be.


When she was done she hopped back out of the chair and then ‘helped’ Mrs Diane get her momma settled in again.


Then she walked around being her usual happy self; poking into cabinets, singing, making believe she was a hair dresser with me as her client (now there’s a stretch), until it was time to go.

Then it was time to move on to our weekly grocery shopping. Heading out the door I know that we all breathed a collective sigh of relief that this went a whole lot smoother than last time!

Have a MAGICAL Day!



Lemondrop – Grooming the Gēgē

The other day our youngest son, Tim, came over for a visit. Tim was sitting on the stairs when Lemondrop decided that he needed a little primping.

Lemondrop rushed to retrieve her little Hello Kitty comb, a gift from Tim’s wife, Shirley, and immediately went to work – didn’t matter that he has little more than a rough stubble on his head, she meticulously adjusted each minor imperfection….. and ever the big brother he dutifully accepted her efforts.


Have a MAGICAL Day!

Lemondrop – Photos from Jenn’s wedding

As I posted earlier this year we traveled to upstate NY back in January for my niece’s wedding. This was the first time Jenn & some of the other family members had the chance to meet Lemondrop in person.


It was a very touching day for me; when Jenn was only about Lemondrop’s age she and her mom came to live with me for a couple years; seeing her now all grown up beside our little girl was very beautiful.

After the wedding ceremony we went back to the hotel to get Lemondrop changed for the reception. She was a little timid at first with all the people, but she is a social butterfly at heart and quickly got into the swing of things.


And a great time was had by all!


Have a Magical Day!

Lemondrop – Being Silly, 4-11-16

When she first came home many of the strange things she encountered in her new life frightened her; some still do, but she has gotten over most of them.

A case in point are the hand dryers found in public restrooms; she would hide behind my legs and stare up wide-eyed when I used them. She is more comfortable with them now, in fact now, whenever she see’s a price checker in the isle of a store…..


Have a Magical Day!!

Lemondrop is Now Three!!!


Yesterday was a big day for Lemondrop:  we celebrated her 3rd birthday!

We’re not really sure what her actual birthday is; it was estimated when she was found that she was about six weeks old, so they gave her April 2nd as a birth date. But it really doesn’t matter, every day with her is a cause for celebration!

After she woke up she first checked her correspondence, then she helped Momma make up some pancake batter and, while Baba was cooking them up, she had a few nibbles of her birthday cupcake.

What better way to start the day then cup cakes and pancakes?


After breakfast our neighbor, whom Lemondrop knows as Grandma Delores, stopped by to give her a few gifts including a balloon, a coloring book with stickers and a lovely spring dress.

Afterwards Lemondrop got dressed and occupied herself with all the burdensome duties of childhood….

After her nap she awoke to find that Momma & Baba had set up some decorations, and that her brother Tim and his family had come over to celebrate with some pizza, ice-cream and, of course, her birthday cake! She adores her two brothers and spending time with them was probably her favorite gift of all.







When dinner was done everyone went into the living room to watch Lemondrops favorite movie (again) ‘Frozen’, then she and Jaden ran around being silly until he, his mom and Tim had to go home. Then it was off to bed for Lemondrop as well. After taking the bows out she and her mom had a good laugh about how poofy her hair now was….

Lemondrop also got a super cool gift from her Tante Sharon (who made that awesome Elsa cape a couple months ago) and now she was going to get to use it! Another movie Lemondrop enjoys is The Little Mermaid so Tante Sharon made for her her very own mermaid fin!

Last year we celebrated her birthday with her as well but it was so soon after we had come home after our grueling 2 week trip, with a 30+ hour long trip back from China, so we were still all a little bit frazzled & worn out from that. Add to that that Sue was still suffering from a severe illness she picked up while there (she called it a Chinese plague) and so it was an even more modest affair;  I think Lemondrop even sensed then that we were all a bit out of it.

This year was much better; certainly a success, and she went to sleep happy, comfortable and knowing that she was loved.


Have a Magical Day!!