Month: May 2016

Playing With My Computers Sounds.

A recent battle wrestling my computer from the clutches of Microsoft having hijacked my Windows 7 machine and installing Windows 10 without my consent reminded me in some odd way of one of the simple  joys I had of personalizing my computers sounds like I used to do.

Microsoft has really started getting aggressive in their pursuit of getting everyone to install Windows 10; they’re even making the upgrade free until some time in July. Uh huh; free comes at a cost. No thank you; I like this machine just the way I have it. Win 10 is not horrible, one of our other machines is a Win 10 machine, but this is my machine tweaked the way I want it so keep your dirty paws off it.

I’m a guy who doesn’t like my computers, any device really, making dinging, buzzing or any similar type of obnoxious sound; in fact one of the first things I have done when I get a new Windows system is head over to ‘Control Panel’, find the ‘Sounds’ section and basically deactivate all that dingy bingy bangy stuff.

Oh, sometimes I will switch something around with something else; I had a early Win 3.1 machine configured with all Star Wars sound bites. If, for instance, I attempted to perform some operation that Windows determined was a no-no, instead of that lame ding alarm sound, I had Darth Vader telling me “You have failed me for the last time!” Good times. Now days I keep things pretty quite but I have to admit a favorite for me to switch has been the ‘Recycle Bin’. On another computer I had years back I replaced the stock crumpling paper sound with the sound I had recorded of the toilet flushing in our state room aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship.

The recycle bin, like pretty much everything else on this system, was rendered mute long ago but, after flexing my muscles and getting my machine back the way I wanted it I had an urge to change that today. I’m not sure just why, well maybe I do, but a scene from an old movie popped into my head as I watched my computer undo the Win 10 upgrade mess so I went to YouTube, found a clip that had that scene in it, edited everything else out, ripped the audio from it and set it up as the Recycle Bin sound:

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead…..!

I think it would also make an ideal sound for when your system is shutting down!

Have a Magical Day!!


Disney Pro Tip – Stroller as a Wheelchair

If there is one thing you can almost certainly count on when going to a Disney park it is the long lines for attractions. For a child who rides in a stroller and has issues standing for long periods Disney has something that can help.

Lemondrop Can walk pretty good, and prefers to, but her leg does have its problems so we wanted to find something to make our trip to Disney World more comfortable for her when we didn’t have a Fastpass for an attraction & had to stand in the lines with long wait times.

Sue found that there were a couple of options and what she chose was the ‘Stroller as a Wheelchair’ option. What you do is go to the Guest Relations center of whatever park you’re visiting on your first day and ask for the sticker. There isn’t any 3rd degree; you don’t have to bring a note from the doctor, though for a child where the issue isn’t obvious you might want to tell them what it is.


So far, this trip, 95% of the time we haven’t even had to mention that we have the sticker; the Cast members spotted the tag as we were approaching and either waved us in or directed us towards a separate wheelchair entrance . The other times either the tag wasn’t visible enough (we try to have it sticking up like a flag when we approach the attraction) or, as in one case, the cast member wasn’t even aware that such a thing existed but was still very polite asking us to leave the stroller outside & very graciously apologized once we made her aware of the sticker.

When we got to the actual place of embarking onto the ride they ask if the child is able to transition onto the ride if any special assistance, or car, is needed. After the ride is finished the stroller has usually been right there near where we left it or just a short walk away.

Have a Magical Day!

Happy Anniversary To My Bride! – May 11, 2016

Just wanted to take a moment to wish a Happy Anniversary to my bride Susan; it has been an adventurous time together with far more smiles than frowns and I am certainly one of the luckiest men on earth! To share this day with you and Lemondrop at the Happiest Place on Earth is truly a dream come true.


Have a MAGICAL day!!