Month: July 2016

Lemondrop – Culinary Artist

Lemondrop called me over; she needed help cutting her Breakfast. This would seem to be a reasonable request… but she was having Cheerios.

L – (a plea in her voice)  Baba, I need help.

I walk over to see what she needs help with


L – (twisting and stabbing her spoon in the bowl) I need help cutting.

Me – Cutting? Cutting what?


Me – Did you put sliced turkey in your Cheerios?


ME – Uhhh… Lemondrop… why did you put sliced turkey in our Cheerios?


For those who are wondering, I did not end up cutting her breakfast; she thought better of the recipe and moved on.

Have a Magical Day!!


Lemondrop – She Fills Our Days With Sunshine

Every day I try to send some photos of the days adventures to Sue while she is at work to brighten her day. She created this graphic from one I sent her yesterday…..



Have a MAGICAL Day!