Month: August 2016

Lemondrop – And a Unexpected Treasure from Bao’An.

I have kept in touch with Bao’An, the orphanage where Lemondrop lived before we brought her home; sending photos 6 months after she came home and then some more just the other day, letting them see how she is progressing and doing well.

In my emails I have asked if there are any photos or items they know of from her past. In a return message from last year they told me sorry, but no.

Today though I got a reply from the message I sent this week and with it new pictures we had never seen; one of them I am sure was used in her ‘Finding Ad’; a ad placed in the newspaper announcing the finding of an abandoned child and the request that anyone come forward that knows who she belongs to. We have a very crude postage stamp photocopy of that ad; now we have the original photo.

Bao’An tells us that these were taken just after Lemondrop was placed in their care which is a treasure for us as the earliest we had up to now were taken when she was about a year old. All the images are pretty much similar and probably taken for the ad, but  here are two of them.


While Lemondrop was walking by me and I had one of the images on the screen, I asked her if she knew who it was. Without hesitation she identified it as herself as a baby.

Have a Magical Day!