Month: September 2016

Lemondrop Milestones: Snow White

What follows below are in my opinion a remarkable series of photos showing how far Lemondrop has come in the 18 months she has been with us; how comfortable and confident she has become in her new life.

Lemondrop has on a number of occasions impressed us with her memory; not just regarding events that have happened since we have brought her home but also even before then; when she was still  living in an orphanage.

For example, for Halloween last year, Sue and I decided on getting Lemondrop a Snow White costume for Trick or Treating. We chose that particular character because of one of the first photos we got of her which was in the referral file from the adoption agency.

Much to our surprise this child who never resisted wearing anything that Sue bought for her, who loves dresses and and all kinds of girly stuff, absolutely refused to wear the Snow White dress.

It wasn’t until some time later when we understood why she was so vehemently against that dress and that happened while we were watching videos on YouTube of parades at Disney World. In one of the videos Lemondrop spotted and pointed out Snow White and then said “Lilah Snow White too!…. Lilah Sad”.

She remembered the dress she was given to wear back when she was about a year old & this photo was taken at the orphanage……


Fast forward to just two days ago;  Lemondrop and her mom were straightening out her bedroom and she see’s the Snow White dress hanging in her closet. Sue asked her if she wanted to wear it and Lemondrop said something like:’I dont know. I don’t know if I be happy; maybe I be cranky’. But she did put it on.

And I think that she is okay with it now……







Have a MAGICAL Day!!



Lemondrop Loves Her Ornament!

Earlier this week we took Lemondrop to the Big E, the Eastern States Exposition, which is held every year at this time for the last 100 years. No visit would be complete without our stopping in to see our favorite vendor.

Some of you my recall a post I wrote a number of years ago about Connie & Bob Muirhead and how much I admired these two wonderful people who ran their booth at the Big E for 30 years (you can read that post HERE). Well a couple years ago they turned over the reins to their grandnieces Amber & Whitney who I am quite happy to say have held up the reputation of friendliness & excellence Connie & Bob worked so hard to  create.

Last year when we brought Lemondrop to their booth she was delighted to get her very own personalized ornament which was a foam ice cream cone that looked so real you would be tempted to eat it. This year she picked out…… another foam ice cream cone!

Lemondrop watched closely as Amber put her name on it….





And then, as we were about to leave, she rushed back to gave Amber a big hug to thank her…


Lemondrop loves her new “Yuletide YourNament” so much that, even now, a few days later, she carries it with her where ever she goes…


If you would like your own personalized ornament but cant get to the to the Big E:

You can find Yuletide YourNament on FaceBook by clicking >>> HERE

And on ETSY by clicking >>> HERE

Thank you Amber & Whitney!!!

Have a MAGICAL Day!!





Lemondrop – The Three County Fair 2016

Yesterday we took Lemondrop to the Three County Fair in Northampton MA and, although dressed for the part, it probably really wasn’t her thing. She did like petting a bunny and a baby duck but other than that she didn’t want much to do with the animals which she said were “Stinky”. So we only stayed a short while then went to Costco for some items and lunch. I did though get some nice photos of the day…..


We got there early; Lemondrop looking marvelous as usual.

They had little areas where the children could pretend to be farmers; she didn’t want to participate in the digging of the potatoes or the sand box full of corn kernels, but she did like the apple picking and egg gathering.

We did wander over to the animals but that was hit or miss; anything bigger than her was a definite no, bunnies were fine. She didn’t grasp the concept of a horse’s head on a stick, but looked darn cute standing there anyway.

And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream.


After a couple hours though you could tell that she had had her fill so we made our trip to Costco where she perked up again; she loves trying all the samples and wandering around.

In this picture below, she literally looked straight at me and and said: “don’t take my picture while I eating, okay? Okay? Don’t”.


Thoroughly chided I did hold off a moment or two, except for a couple of quick teasing snaps. Then she ran over to some Teddy Bears on the floor so all bets were off.


After we had all the things we came for we made our way to a register and then over to the food court for a quick bite to eat and where Lemondrop did her best to distract her Momma from her lunch. It was no contest.


Have a MAGICAL Day