Month: October 2016

Lemondrop – Reflecting on Her Past and Present

Today, while we were doing our “School Time” activities at the kitchen table, Lemondrop wandered off into the living room and returned with the small photo album she had been presented while still living at the orphanage, within which are the photos we sent of her then waiting family and two we had received with her file.

She does this every once in a while, take the photos out and examine them, and I oftentimes wonder what she is thinking while she is looking at them.


She’ll hold up pictures of the boys and say “I have two gēge’s” (big brothers), or point to those with Sue and I and say “that’s my Momma and my Baba” and sometimes give the photos a hug or hold them against her face.



It is when she looks at the two photos of herself, the ones that were taken when she was maybe a year or so old and were included with her referral file, that I really wonder what she is thinking, what memories are stirring underneath. Sometimes when I hear her talking as she handles the photos I will ask what she is saying only to get the reply “nothing, I just talking to myself”.

She is very much aware of where she was at that time; even will say things like “this when I live in orphanage”, “Momma and Baba not come for me yet”, then add”Lilah sad”.


One thing is for certain: she is also very aware of where she is now. And she loves it.


When she was done she carefully tucked the photos back into the book, we put her school stuff away, and then headed out together – to find adventure and make great memories!

UPDATE – The next morning: Last night, while laying in bed, Lemondrop said “thank you”. When I asked her for what she replied “thank you for bringing me home from China”.

With a lump in my throat, and moist eyes, I could only respond “you’re welcome Lilah, and thank you for coming home with us”.

Have a Magical Day!!




Lemondrop – My Hillbilly Girl

This evening we were at the mall for a few things and while looking at some clothing Sue spotted a hat and asked Lemondrop to put it on so we could get a picture….

Of course she looked adorable….


Then Sue decided that we all should put one on so she could take a group selfie. Unfortunately Sue’s arms were too short plus she couldn’t hold the phone with one hand and also press the shutter button at the same time. And then someone decided to be a ham and make it even more difficult…


One of the young ladies working in the store spotted us struggling and kindly offered to take the photo for us….


Ya know, if they ever revamped the Beverly Hillbillies, I think that we might have a shot at the staring roles!

Have a MAGICAL Day!

Lemondrop – When We Knew She Was The One.

This is something I have been wanting to share for quite some time. It is, I think, an amazing story which reminds us that although things may not go as planed, there is a higher power, call it what you will, that is always with you, watching over you, and guiding you to where you are meant to be.


Like many others in the adoption process our two year journey had its highs & extreme lows; the most frustrating low point involved dealing with an agency that we had contracted for the home study and had had constant troubles with. Eventually, after a turbulent year or so and with more than a few heated words, we decided that if we were going to continue on with an adoption we had to cut our losses with them and start all over again with someone else. It was an excruciatingly confusing time.

Going through all we had been through, only to come to that point, we couldn’t help but look up to the heavens and ask ‘why’? Why was this so damn hard?  We were trying to give a child a home and the medical care she needed; why was this such a battle?

After a few months, our heads cleared, we found another agency and began again. Comparing the experiences was like comparing night and day. What took the first agency a year to do the second, Wide Horizons For Children, did in just a few months. Then the paperwork was sent to our primary adoption agency, Madison Adoption Associates, whom we had contracted to actually match us with a child, and we waited for a referral.

One question that nagged the back of our minds was how would we know that the child they refereed to us was the right one? What if we didn’t feel a bond, or the child’s needs were beyond our abilities to help, would we even be able to say no?

Weeks later, November 3rd, 2014, a email arrived and, although her special need was a bit outside that which we had said we were open to, there was no doubt that this little girl was ‘the one’.

The first clue was in the nickname her file had been given. It seems to be a common practice where the agencies give the files of the children western names like ‘Mike’, Luke’, ‘Charlotte’, ‘Mary’, and so on. This little girl was given the nickname Lilah.

That also happened to be the name we had already chosen for our little girl.

It was a name that came to Sue 15 or more years ago and just stuck with her; in fact she chose to use it in her email address and said years back that, if we ever had a little girl, she would like to give her that name.

The second clue was found in an image which accompanied her file. Like many other adopting families Sue kept a journal of sorts; hers being in the form of a simple calendar on which she marked the dates key events occurred: paper work filed, log in dates, etc. And, since we are big Disney fans, it was only proper that it be a Disney themed calendar. The calendar she chose featured characters and scenes from classic animated Disney movies…

-- 03_zpsfes8tbzj

We began our second attempt at adoption in the month of March and the character featured in the calendar for that month was Snow White…

-- 04_zpspm5hxp3p

This is the image which accompanied Lemondrop’s file, note the dress….


And, as one more little wink from the heavens, after we had received her file and then later were allowed to share her picture with the world, this was the image in the calendar….

-- 06_zpswix57nby

Looking at the nickname and then seeing her photo I knew, not only that she was the one, but why we had to endure all the nonsense we went through in that first year: this particular little girl was the one we were supposed to wait for. And on March 5th 2015 we headed to China to finally bring her home.

You can read about that wonderful day by clicking >>>HERE<<<.

If you have been following our blog, I think that you would agree, every day since has been a MAGICAL day!


I hope that you are having one too!



Lemondrop – Another Lovely Day

It was such a lovely day yesterday we decided to wander around the neighborhood.

Our little patriotic fashionista….


After a pleasant stroll she decided a whirl around a block or two on her bike would be fun.


Uh oh – wait! Mustn’t forget our refreshments!!


Much better. Let’s Roll!


Love that smile!


Being silly!!


Ah well, time to go home…


Have a Magical Day!!!