Month: November 2016

Lemondrop – Giving Thanks.

Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, everyone around the table taking a moment to say what they are thankful for before we eat, Lemondrop, all on her own, says “having a mommy and daddy”. Three years old and she brings the room to silence and moist eyes.


Have a MAGICAL Day!!



Lemondrop – 3:30pm

Every week, if not every day, there has been some milestone event. Today while we were out Lemondrop announced that she wanted to now “stay awake all day”, in other words she didn’t want to take naps anymore. She made to 3:30.

She did good all day; running around and having fun, proclaiming that she liked staying up all day but, when she climbed up to sit with me, then snuggled in a bit, well, she was done for.


Oh well, maybe tomorrow.



Have a MAGICAL day!