Month: January 2017

Lemondrop – Our Little Mermaid Sings

When we were first reviewing Lemondrop’s file from the adoption agency we noted it said that, among her traits, she liked to sing. Boy were they right, this girl is a born performer.

Tonight, while at Barns & Noble, Lemondrop asked to go to the children’s section and so we followed behind her and I sat with her while she studied some books from the shelves around us.


At one point after Sue returned Lemondrop asked her mom to play a ‘princess song’ from her Spotify play list and, when she did, Lemondrop then took to the little stage they have set up for reading time and started to sing. What follows was her impromptu performance of “Part of Your World” from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’…..

And yes, I do know how lucky I am to have this little girl in my life!

Have a Magical Day!!!

Lemondrop – Dr. D. day

Shortly after we got her file from the adoption agency for review I brought it to the Springfield Shriners Hospital and asked “Dr. D” to give us his thoughts on what her condition might be. Although her condition is rare he was 100% correct and now she is receiving treatment at the Boston Shriners hospital.

Dr. D recently retired and today the hospital had a nice event honoring him so I brought Lemondrop over so I could thank him personally for all he has done. Lemondrop had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones and, of course, checking out shoes as well.


Holding Baba’s “Shriners hat case”


Saying hi to Dr. D.


Coordinating with Carla to get just the right shot


Whoa… look at those heels!


A plaque that will be hung in the hospital honoring Dr. D.


Making a new friend, Ashtyn.


Playing with Ashtyn and her sister Taylor.


Alas, it was time to go home, but, I think that it is safe to say that Lemondrop and Ashtyn are new Besties!

Thank you Dr. Drvarick for all you have done not only for Lemondrop but for all the children and families at the Springfield Shriners Hospital.

Have a MAGICAL Day!!