Month: March 2017

Little Bits of Lemondrop – 3/13/17

Another collection of Google Photo’s generated collage’s, these are from this past month. Doing a little bit of everything from shopping, walking, or just sitting around the house.

Hiding in the clothing rack at Old Navy….except that one on the bottom left; that’s her “No, really Baba, enough with me wearing hats so you can stick a camera in my face for the thousandth time today” look.


‘Okay, I take it back, this might be a good look for me….’


She loves going out for walks. This was a particularly frigid day and, on the bottom right, she was concerned about how a little squirrel she just saw was going to stay warm.


Helping Baba put her new stroller together, she see’s how he is taking pictures of the process, so she wanted to take some too with her little Leap Frog tablet.


In the image on the bottom left she is checking out wedding gowns while her mom is shopping for fabric.


A little family fun on a lazy Sunday…



Have a MAGICAL Day!!




Lemondrop – Two Years into Forever

Two years ago today Lemondrop was placed into our arms. Time, it seems, has flown by and you really don’t realize how much has passed until you look back and see how much she has changed…..



Have a Magical Day!!