Photobucket Broke the Internet

For the last couple years I have hosted many of the images used in my blog posts at Photobucket. Recently Photobucket surprised everyone by changing the terms of their service, in particular, 3rd party sharing. They now want us to pay around $400 a year for the privilege of sharing our images on a 3rd party site, like in a blog, a web forum Etsy, etc. That is why in some of my posts, and throughout the internet, you will now see this graphic instead of the original image:


This isn’t something that just affected bloggers like myself, from what I have read eBay and even Amazon have been affected too; my guess would be that many other retail sites have had to scramble to replace their images as well.

Some folks have called this a shake down and are claiming that Photobucket is holding their images for ransom. There is even a petition on calling for Photobucket to reverse this new policy. I can understand some of the hostility, we uploaded our images in good faith under the understanding that there was no cost involved, it was a kind of contract. The thing is, in this day and age, a contract agreed upon with a few clicks is only worth the paper it was written on… or lack there of.

Business are constantly changing their ‘Terms of Service” and you can either like it or lump it. I do not make any money off this site, any ads you see are generated by WordPress, hey, they gotta pay the bills somehow – and so does Photobucket.  Unfortunately that sum is not something that’s in my budget right now and so I am working to replace whatever images I hosted on Photobucket for my blog posts that are now gone. This will take time so please bear with me.

Have a MAGICAL Day!



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