Lemondrop: Laser Surgery Followup – 06-05-17

Another trip back to Boston and the Shriners Hospital for a follow up with Dr. Rox Anderson to check Lemondrop’s leg and make sure that she was healing okay.

Long story short: She is doing great. She is healing very well and should be able to resume her normal activities, including swim class, shortly.


After we had finished we walked over to Mass General Hospital, which is right accross the street, and browsed through their gift shop. Sue found a cute head or hair band with an integrated crown that was a perfect accessory for our little princess.


Of courseĀ I just have to stick a camera in her face and capture the moment. She though has her opinion about that…


Dr. Anderson suggested that we schedule another round of Laser surgery and sclerotherapy as soon as we are ready and, since we don’t want to keep her laid up any more than we have to in the summer we made an appointment for this coming September.

Have a MAGICAL Day!!!

Lemondrop: Two Years and a Day Apart

I was reminded today, by Facebook offering to share a memory, that Lemondrop had had her MRI 2 years ago today – or two years and a day from when she had her laser surgery yesterday. My, how time has flown by and how much she has grown.


MRI 3-2-2015 aMRI 3-2-2015 bMRI 3-2-2015 c





Have a MAGICAL Day!!!