Getting goin’

So, yesterday we spoke with our old friend Billy and agreed on a price for his house. The place is a far cry better than what we have now; but will still need some work. Things like the electrical are important if for no reason other than peice of mind, but there are some small structural changes as well we want to address before we have all our stuff in there. Fortunetly he gave us the key, and permission, to start what work we have planned.

Lee & Deb were nice enough to come over to the place last night and give us their thoughts, as well as some pointers, on the changes we wish to make. Afterwards we all went out and had a nice dinner at Carrabba’s; a favorite of ours.

It will be nice having a different place to call home; this one has been good to us, but it has its ghosts as well.

The new place is smaller in many respects, but has more room in others. We will now have easy access to a basement as well as the attic for storage, and the garage is much larger than what we have now, but the rooms, with the exception of the kitchen are smaller.

It will also be nice to have a yard we can actually do something with. There is a place we can put a flagpole, a area for our patio, and even a little area to make a garden. As opposed to where we are now where the massive walnut trees totally block any light from getting into the back yard so nothing grows.

And here is a little Law of Attraction action for ya: when we had agreed on a price the housing market was still strong. Now though the prices are coming down and we have had some concern about not getting as much for ours as we would have before. And if the value of ours has going down so was the value of his. So we were wondering how we were going to aproach this subject with Bill. Somehow we had to ask him to consider lowering his price.

Yesterday, without any prompting from us, he lowered the price by $10,000.

 It certianly is something to look forward to.